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Sit down, we need to talk about life insurance

Posted on October 27, 2018

I just finished going through my 30’s and still consider myself just shy of middle-age. In my 20’s I remember the energy, ambition as well as student loans and mortgage debt. In my 30’s the energy and ambition morphed into flexibility and perseverance through the juggling of marriage, kids, career, and an ever-increasing demand on finances.

It’s during this period of our lives when life insurance is most important. I have personally experienced the loss of colleagues, customers, and friends who left behind young families with either no insurance or very little insurance.

As a financial professional, I immediately go through a few different thoughts… why didn’t they consider taking care of their family in the event of their death… why did they procrastinate… and most importantly, why didn’t I take the time to ask these questions when I had the chance!

So, if you are responsible for a spouse, child, or are planning on having children in the future, get life insurance today! Please don’t wait. A life insurance policy that may cost as little as $20/month is the most responsible thing you can do to insure the financial future of your family.