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What’s treasured is measured – annual investment checkup

Posted on January 7, 2019

How did your investments do last calendar year? How much did your net worth increase? What was the percentage return on your combined investment portfolio? Do you know?

To even the most savvy financial professional these questions often result in the realization… they don’t know. Sometimes we only focus on the positive, for example an investment that made 20% last year, despite the fact that it may have lost 20% the year before. Alternatively, we can carefully track 50% of our portfolio that is doing well and neglect to manage the other 50% that may be losing money.

If you are managing your own investments or someone else is managing them for you, it is your responsibility to insure your investments are earning, growing, and compounding to meet your goals.

Your investment portfolio will likely be your largest asset and it is worth taking the time to understand how it is performing so you can manage it properly. After all, it is your money.