Picture of Colin Giesbrecht in the Bookkeeping Fusion office

Colin Giesbrecht CPA, CMA

Management Accountant

After graduating from the University of Manitoba and completing my Accounting Designation I worked in a variety of industries including health care, financial services, as well as the film industry.

My passion for entrepreneurship resulted in the purchase of two franchised print shops. Owning and operating these businesses provided me with a variety of experiences. From negotiating the purchase of a business, creating a business plan, obtaining bank financing, hiring and training staff, setting up the bookkeeping system, creating marketing materials, quoting on jobs, implementing internal controls, etc., etc. the life of a small business owner is extremely busy with many ups and downs.

After successfully selling these businesses I started Bookkeeping Fusion to help other small business owners navigate the financial challenges of building their small businesses. My dream is to build Canada’s premier brand in bookkeeping services.

When I’m not working I love to play Disc Golf, take my dog for a walk, run with my children, and travel to visit family in Alberta and California.

Picture of Dilza Casper at her desk

Dilza Casper


Originally from the Netherlands, I have experience working in the finance department of a life sciences organization.

At Fusion, I enjoy bringing order to what sometimes feels like chaos. Setting up and onboarding new customers, bookkeeping, and organizing customer documents.

Away from the office, I enjoy home decorating, watching HGTV, travelling to new places, and reading true-life stories.